Seeking Majority in Next Majlis

Seeking Majority in Next Majlis  Seeking Majority in Next Majlis

Former vice president Mohammad Reza Aref said the success of the reformist camp in the upcoming parliamentary election is contingent on harmony among its members to agree on the most qualified candidates among themselves.

Stressing the importance of reformists' role in the Feb. 26, 2016 legislative election, Aref said, "Reformists should maintain unity and solidarity to reach consensus on their candidates and help them get elected."

For reformists group interest should come before personal gain, the pro-reform political activist was quoted by IRNA as saying on Thursday, adding that they should help promote the agenda of the camp "to win a majority of Majlis seats in light of unity and constructive interaction."

Noting that centrist Hassan Rouhani's sweeping victory in the 2013 presidential election was largely due to reformists' support, Aref said, "Reformists believe by winning the Majlis election, they can be of greater assistance to the government in implementing its programs."