Bahrain Terror Attack Denounced

Bahrain Terror Attack DenouncedBahrain Terror Attack Denounced

The Foreign Ministry denounced a deadly terror attack in a village in Bahrain, south of the capital Manama, stressing the necessity of fighting terrorism and extremism in the region.

“Terrorism and extremism are the main challenges facing the region,” Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Marzieh Afkham said on Tuesday, Press TV reported.

Two Bahraini policemen were killed and several others were injured in the blast in the island of Sitra on Tuesday, according to Bahrain’s Interior Ministry.

Afkham urged all regional countries to give priority to addressing the root causes of extremist and terrorist threats in their security policies.

The spokesperson expressed hope that regional countries would pay serious attention to the anti-terror campaign.

She dismissed reports claiming that the explosives used were similar to those recently seized by security forces after allegedly being smuggled from Iran.