Lebanon Briefed on Nature of Military Aid

Lebanon Briefed on Nature of Military AidLebanon Briefed on Nature of Military Aid

Iran has informed the Lebanese government of the nature of the pledged military aid, the ambassador to Lebanon said on Tuesday after Tehran announced it would donate military equipment to the Lebanese army last week.

"The military grant provided by Iran to the Lebanese government and the Lebanese army is ready in storage in Tehran," Mohammad Fathali said after meeting with the Lebanese Democratic Party leader Talal Arslan, the Daily Star reported.

The ambassador also said Tehran has sent an official letter to the Lebanese government listing the weapons and military equipment included in the pledged aid.

"We believe the (donation) will support the valiant Lebanese army in its heroic confrontation with terrorist groups" he added.

There have been local and foreign calls to shore up the Lebanese army's capabilities to help it in the battle against terrorism since it fought fierce battles with Islamic State (IS) and Nusra Front militants after they briefly took over the northeastern town of Arsal in August.

On his meeting with Arslan, Fathali said the consolidation of bilateral relations between Iran and Lebanon was among the most important points which were raised.

The Daily Star also reported that MP Michel Aoun's parliamentary Change and Reform bloc welcomed the Iranian military aid to the Lebanese army to help it in the fight against terrorist groups.

"The Iranian (military) grant for the Lebanese army is unconditional and instant under the circumstances through which we are passing," former labor minister Salim Joreisati told reporters after the bloc's weekly meeting chaired by Aoun.

He said the Iranian grant still needed a cabinet approval based on a proposal by Defense Minister Samir Moqbel who has said he would visit Tehran soon to discuss details of the grant with Iranian officials. Indirectly referring to the March 14 Alliance's rejection of the military aid because it is coming from Iran, he said, "The political rejection (of the grant) is condemned in these circumstances which the entire world has described as dangerous because takfiri terrorism has invaded countries and borders."