Gov't Policies Raise Public Optimism

Gov't Policies Raise Public OptimismGov't Policies Raise Public Optimism

Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani has said the mood among the public is that of "optimism" thanks to the reasonable policies implemented by the administration of President Hassan Rouhani "in regional and international areas."

Larijani said, "Such sense of optimism could have different reasons among them the fact that the general public now believe their government is acting reasonably and working toward resolving shortcomings and problems… we should not allow that mood to fade away."

He added the public is also hopeful that the nuclear talks bear fruit and the nuclear issue will be resolved "through reasonable regional and international diplomacy" that the Rouhani administration is pursuing, ICANA reported.  Larijani made the remarks at a joint meeting of cabinet members and parliamentarians at parliament on Tuesday.   "The nuclear issue is a national issue and all branches of government should remain united as far as it is concerned," parliament speaker pointed out.  Elsewhere, he said the parliament backs the administration in the nuclear talks, adding, "Certainly the nuclear issue must be solved through negotiations, and it is necessary to define transparency which is the basis of talks."

"Iran has no fear of transparency; however, if they (the major powers) want to impose unreasonable restrictions on various areas, it will not be acceptable."

He also said, "Our dear friends in the (nuclear) negotiating team are doing their best to defend the rights of the Iranian nation."

"Enrichment and research should be continued inside Iran and the Arak heavy water reactor should continue its operation and the Fordo (enrichment facility) should remain active as a strong research and development center."

  Gov't, Majlis in Agreement  

The Majlis speaker and president also took part in a joint press conference following the meeting at parliament. Rouhani said the parliament and administration, among other things, discussed regional issues and it is very fortunate that both branches of government are "likeminded" with regard to the approach that should be taken to tackle the problems facing the country. On the nuclear talks with the major powers, the president said there is consensus between Iran and the P5+1 (the five permanent members of the UN Security Council plus Germany) on principal issues and the remaining differences are "about certain details and quantities" that should be discussed further.