Issue of IAEA Access to Military Sites Resolved

Issue of IAEA Access to Military Sites Resolved   Issue of IAEA Access to Military Sites Resolved

A senior negotiator said the issue of access to military facilities for inspection by the International Atomic Energy Agency has been resolved.

"The matter of access to military centers for inspection has been of two aspects," Abbas Araqchi said, adding, "One involved past issues, inaptly called possible military dimensions or PMD, over which we signed a roadmap agreement with the IAEA on the same day the nuclear deal was concluded."

Iran and the major powers reached the accord on July 14 in Vienna, aimed at ending a long-running dispute over Tehran's nuclear work. Based on the roadmap agreement, the two sides agreed on two arrangements in which the issue of access to military sites to address concerns regarding Tehran's past nuclear activities has been "fully discussed and resolved and there is no need to worry," he said in an interview with Al-Alam news network.

"As regards the future (aspect), Iran will implement the Additional Protocol. On (providing access to) non-nuclear sites, Iran will act within the framework of the Additional Protocol and based on international standards and conventional procedures."

The US Congress has started a 60-day review of the pact to either approve or reject the nuclear deal.

"It would be a great mistake and undermine the international credibility of the US administration and the legitimacy of the existing sanctions" if Congress ends up passing a resolution of disapproval, Araqchi added, IRNA reported on Sunday.