New Arms Deal With Russia Close

New Arms Deal With Russia Close New Arms Deal With Russia Close

Negotiations on the delivery of a more modernized Russian air defense system than the S-300 to Iran are close to a successful conclusion, a source in the Iranian Defense Ministry told Sputnik on Saturday.

On Tuesday, another source in the ministry had told Sputnik the recent comprehensive nuclear agreement between Iran and major powers could allow Tehran to gain access to a more advanced air defense system than the S-300.

"Negotiations are almost finished, Iran may receive a more modernized system instead of S-300," the first source said.

He added that if the process of negotiations will develop at the current pace, the air defense systems may be delivered by the year-end.

"If Iran gets the S-300 system or other modern systems it will be possible to say that the sky over Iran is protected against any airstrike," the source said.

In 2007, Russia and Iran sealed a contract for the delivery of the S-300 surface-to-air missile system. Three years later, then-Russian president Dmitry Medvedev put the deal on hold citing a UN Security Council embargo on arms deliveries to Iran over its nuclear program.

In April, Russian President Vladimir Putin lifted the ban on S-300 deliveries, shortly after Iran and major powers reached a preliminary nuclear agreement.

In mid-June, a source familiar with the situation said Russia and Iran were in talks on resuming the implementation of the S-300 delivery contract.