Nuclear Deal Shows Logic Prevails

Nuclear Deal Shows Logic PrevailsNuclear Deal Shows Logic Prevails

The nuclear deal with major powers struck on July 14 to end a 12-year dispute over Tehran’s nuclear program demonstrated Iran’s capability to use logic to settle its issues.

“By concluding the (nuclear) negotiations, we proved that we are able to settle other problems as well by applying logic,” Rouhani was quoted by Fars News Agency as saying on Sunday.

“We have told the world that the Iranian nation will not be forced to surrender in the face of pressure, threats and sanctions.”  

He made the remarks in a public address during his provincial trip of the western province of Kurdestan.

The president said the people of different religions are treated equally in the Islamic Republic.

“Shias and Sunnis are not subject to any discrimination and Iranians all have brotherly relations.”

Referring to remarks by US officials, especially those recently made by US Secretary of State John Kerry, that the option of using military force against Tehran has not been taken off the table after the nuclear accord, Rouhani said the United States needs to revise its foreign policy.

“Because the legs of the table you are talking about are broken.”

The mistakes US officials are committing by making such comments arise from domestic problems facing the US, he noted.

The president said Iran will proceed under the auspices of the resistance economy, adding, “We will avoid conditions in which Iran will be a land of foreign imports.”

“We will turn Iran into a land of production and exports of various goods to the region and the world.”

The resistance economy refers to a set of guidelines proposed by the Leader to counter sanctions, promote domestic growth and reduce reliance on oil.