Envoy Cautions IAEA

Envoy Cautions IAEA Envoy Cautions IAEA

Iran’s ambassador to the International Atomic Energy Agency said the roadmap agreement with the UN nuclear watchdog is not a "component" of or "annex" to the Iran nuclear deal.

The agreement signed with the agency on July 14 on a roadmap to resolve the issues regarding Tehran's past nuclear activities comprises "two separate arrangements", Reza Najafi said.

"The two arrangements, which deal with technical issues, are totally confidential."

Iran and the P5+1 (the five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council plus Germany) finalized a deal (formally called the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action), on the same day the roadmap was agreed, to resolve a 12-year dispute over Tehran's nuclear program.

"Obviously, (the arrangements) are not a component of the JCPOA, which has been finalized between Iran and the P5+1," Najafi said. "So it would be wrong to refer to them as 'the confidential annex to the JCPOA.'"

Although the accord and its annexes make some references to the roadmap agreement, it is not considered an annex by itself, the ambassador stressed. "In case of either side disclosing the confidential arrangements, it will adversely affect their implementation," Najafi was quoted by IRNA as saying on Friday.

"So the IAEA should be careful to ensure that the contents of these arrangements remain secret as those made with other member states," he cautioned.