Nuclear Settlement Indicates Importance of Dialogue

Nuclear Settlement Indicates Importance of Dialogue Nuclear Settlement Indicates Importance of Dialogue

President Hassan Rouhani said the nuclear deal struck with the major powers showed the most "difficult" and "complex" problems at international level can be resolved by dialogue.

"The agreement conveyed the message to the world that the solution to the most difficult and complex international issues is (holding) negotiations to (help build mutual) understanding," Rouhani said in an address to NGOs active in the health sector in Tehran on Thursday.

Iran and the P5+1 (the five permanent members of the united nations Security Council plus Germany) finalized a nuclear accord on July 14 in Vienna, which will lift sanctions against Tehran, while it will accept temporary constraints on its nuclear program.

The message is that violence, threat and intimidation should be abandoned, the president said, adding that the pact signaled an end to "the era of win-lose settlements."

"It also communicated the message that our path is one of moderation," he was quoted by IRNA as saying.

Chiding critics, Rouhani said he had noted some officials were "scrutinizing one by one the terms of the deal" and a subsequent resolution endorsing it which the UN Security Council passed on Monday.

"That's good but what has happened is more valuable and more significant than that," he said. Critics do not want any inspection of military sites and say they will not bow to any restriction on the missile program and arms trade. The deal leaves UN restrictions on missiles and weapons in place for eight and five years respectively.

Praising the negotiators, Rouhani noted that by achieving the deal they earned more than just the acceptance by the West of the nuclear program.

Thanks to the UN resolution, adopted as part of the agreement to endorse it, Iran is no longer considered a threat to international peace and security, he stressed.