US Credibility at Stake If Congress Rejects Deal

US Credibility at Stake If Congress Rejects DealUS Credibility at Stake If Congress Rejects Deal

US Secretary of State John Kerry said if the US Congress or a future president reverses the nuclear agreement struck with Iran on its nuclear program on July 14, the results would be disastrous and US credibility will suffer.  

"I'm telling you, the US will have lost all credibility," Kerry said in a recent interview with NPR.

"We will not be in the hunt. And if we then decided to use military (after the deal fails), do you believe the United Nations will be with us? Do you think our European colleagues will support us? Not on your life."

US President Barack Obama's administration submitted the nuclear accord on Sunday to Congress, which has 60 days, starting from Monday, to either vote to approve the deal, reject it or simply do nothing and let it take effect.

Kerry said Iran would use the deal's collapse as an excuse to step up its nuclear activities. "(If the deal fails), Iran will begin enriching, claiming it is a right that they only gave up in the context of negotiations, but since negotiations are dead, they're going to resume their rights."

"I think the fact is we got the deal that was achievable beyond people's belief and that's what you heard from people," Kerry added.