Constructive Engagement Key to Success

Constructive Engagement Key to SuccessConstructive Engagement Key to Success

President Hassan Rouhani said "constructive interaction" with major powers during negotiations over Tehran's nuclear program was the key to solving the dispute and achieving victory.  

Rouhani made the remark during the Cabinet meeting on Wednesday, IRNA reported.


"We did not say negotiations with the West were useless, neither did we believe there was no way other than surrender or confrontation in the world of politics."

He said the government rather chose a third solution, namely engaging in constructive interaction with the world, with a view to safeguarding national interests.

Referring to the planned lifting of the stringent sanctions against the country envisaged in the nuclear deal, he said the UN Security Council came to the conclusion that Iran is not a threat to international peace and security, describing the change in the UNSC attitude as a "great achievement."  

Attributing the victory clinched in the nuclear field to God's grace, the resistance of the nation and the support of the Leader, he said, "We are proud of the nuclear negotiating team who did a great job in political, technical and legal terms."  

The president called on all parties and factions to unanimously support the success instead of directing their efforts to meet their partisan and factional interests.

Rouhani said the stage has been set for boosting domestic production, increasing exports, developing political and economic relations with neighboring and regional states and fostering cultural ties with other countries.  


Noting that Iran is making progress in the field of defense with the aim of consolidating its position as a regional power, he rejected allegations that once the objective is attained, Iran will interfere in the internal affairs of regional countries.

However, he stressed, "We will defend the oppressed nations and deploy all means necessary to fight terrorism which is a threat to the region and the whole world."