UK Move First Step to Lift All Sanctions

UK Move First Step to Lift All Sanctions  UK Move First Step to Lift All Sanctions

A lawmaker has described the British Treasury’s move to remove sanctions on a number of Iranian companies and an individual as the first step toward lifting such “illegal” measures altogether.

“The move is a positive step since it demonstrated that sanctions were devoid of any legal basis,” Avaz Heydarpour said.  

The British Treasury announced the repeal of asset freezes on five Iranian entities and an Iranian businessman last week following an EU court verdict. The announcement came after the General Court of the European Union annulled the sanctions against the businessman and five firms, namely, Sorinet Commercial Trust, Sharif University of Technology, National Iranian Tanker Company, Moallem Insurance Company, and Sina Bank.

The parliamentarian further said, “The Islamic Republic hopes the forward-moving trend of lifting sanctions will continue and other restrictions on Iranian entities and companies will be lifted based on the same reasoning,” ICANA reported.

 “The anti-Iran sanctions are immoral, inhuman, illegal and baseless and the Iranian nation is paying the price for them;…  if the West is sincere in its claims of defending human rights, it  should have not allowed eighty million Iranians to suffer under pressure,” the lawmaker stated.