Insistence on Principles Pays Off

Insistence on Principles Pays OffInsistence on Principles Pays Off

A deputy Majlis speaker said the nuclear negotiators proved it is possible to defend the nation’s rights against world powers, promote nations’ values and establish strong independent political systems while insisting on principles.

Mohammad Hassan Aboutorabifard made the remark at an open session of parliament on Tuesday, IRNA reported.

“During the sanctions (years), we witnessed empathy and harmony between the Majlis and the government to overcome difficulties and achieve the goals of the Islamic Revolution,” the senior lawmaker noted. Hailing the nuclear negotiating team’s efforts, Aboutorabifard expressed hope that the outcome of the nuclear negotiations would safeguard national interests. He said the country’s development and economic growth depend on taking proper decisions and well-thought-out measures.

The goals cannot be achieved by “resource-based management and improper use of national and foreign exchange reserves, expanding the government and administrative agencies and increasing administrative costs,” he noted.

Iran does not intend to have an isolated economic system, he said, adding that the country seeks to “interact with the international community.”  

“The nation overcame the inhuman sanctions imposed by the hegemonic powers with authority, dignity and perseverance… following the guidelines of the Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei.”  

Aboutorabifard praised the nation for creating the “greatest national epics” in a situation that the toughest sanctions of the UN Security Council were pressuring the economy, by insisting on their rights regarding the nuclear program and the principles and values of the Islamic Revolution.

The legislator said thanks to the principles of the resistance economy, the government managed to reduce the inflation rate and reverse the negative economic growth. The resistance economy is a set of principles proposed by the Leader to counter sanctions, boost domestic economy and reduce reliance on oil revenues.