Trust Key to High Voter Turnout

Trust Key to High Voter TurnoutTrust Key to High Voter Turnout

The head of the election headquarters said the first prerequisite for high public participation in elections is the adoption of measures by authorities to build trust.  

Mohammad Hossein Moqimi made the remark in reference to the elections for the Majlis and the Assembly of Experts, both scheduled for Feb. 26, 2016, in an interview with IRNA on Monday.  

He said authorities need to adopt “legal” and “principled” practices to gain the trust of the nation.  

“Once the nation comes to see the effects of its vote on the procedures employed to run the country, they will be encouraged to participate in elections,” he noted.

Noting that officials need to safeguard the people’s votes, he called for the identification of the shortcomings of the previous elections to prevent their recurrence.

He referred to the decision to use electronic voting systems in nine metropolitans for the two elections and said the implementation of the project is subject to the full approval of the Guardian Council.  

The deputy interior minister also said the government has approved the allocation of funds for the e-balloting scheme.  

Moqimi had earlier assured that the Interior Ministry will make the required preparations to ensure “the highest voter turnout” in the upcoming elections.