MPs Throw Weight Behind Diplomats

MPs Throw Weight Behind DiplomatsMPs Throw Weight Behind Diplomats

Lawmakers renewed their support for the negotiating team engaged in nuclear talks with the major powers, in separate interviews with ICANA on Monday, the day a comprehensive deal was expected to be announced.

Over the past two weeks, the deadline for a final deal has been extended several times, the latest through Monday.

The accord is aimed at removing sanctions against Iran in return for temporary constraints on its nuclear work. Spokesperson for the Majlis Judicial and Legal Commission Mohammad Ali Esfanani voiced satisfaction with the performance of the negotiators, saying, "(They) have tried to do their best to achieve results in the talks while preserving the establishment's values."

He urged full support for the diplomats to help strengthen their position in the talks and make the other side drop its excessive demands.

Ebrahim Nekou, member of the Principlist Followers of Velayat Faction, said, "The negotiating team has managed to achieve great successes in this international arena and has been the outright winner of the battle so far."

The negotiators have performed successfully by their prudent management of the talks and relying on "revolutionary teachings", Nekou said.

Pointing to the Leader's support for the negotiators, he said, "(The Leader) has described negotiators as valiant and devout, so all groups and persuasions should back (them)."

Supporting the negotiating team will help them better concentrate on the negotiations to ensure Iran's rights, Nekou added.

Zargham Sadeqi, a member of the Majlis presiding board, praised the diplomats' resistance against unreasonable demands by some parties to negotiations, saying they enjoy the full support of the Leader and other officials.

"The Iranian diplomats have stood up to excessive demands by the P5+1 (the five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council plus Germany), particularly those by the US and have safeguarded national interests."

Despite the western side's failure to adhere to its commitments, "the Iranian negotiators tried their hardest to reach the deal based on the outlined frameworks and national interests," Sadeqi added.