Negotiators Will Come Out Victorious

Negotiators Will Come Out VictoriousNegotiators Will Come Out Victorious

President Hassan Rouhani expressed pleasure that his government has managed to deliver on his election promise about the nuclear issue.

"I am grateful to God that I have been able so far to deliver on the pledge I made to the people during my election campaign to resolve the nuclear issue," IRNA quoted Rouhani as saying.

He made the remarks in his address to women and social activists in Tehran on Sunday, a day before a comprehensive nuclear deal between Iran and the major powers, according to some media reports, was expected to be announced.

Over the past two weeks, the deadline for the deal has been extended several times, the latest through Monday. The accord is aimed at lifting international sanctions against Iran in exchange for accepting temporary restrictions on its nuclear program.

The president thanked the nation and the Leader of the Islamic Revolution for their support during the negotiations, saying, "Now we are very close to the top of the mountain, but there are still some steps to be taken."

"God willing, the Iranian negotiators will come out victorious from this difficult and complicated battle."

Praising "tireless" efforts by the negotiating team, he said, "Fortunately, the government, the people and nuclear negotiators have properly performed their duties relating to nuclear negotiations."

Referring to the government's policy on hijab (Islamic veil), Rouhani noted that women cannot be forced to commit to wearing hijab.

The "realities" of the hijab and its importance should be described to women and girls, an initiative which should be introduced into school and university curriculums, he said.

Underscoring the necessity of creating equal opportunity for men and women in various political and social domains, the president said, "If women's potential is not exploited properly, it would be an injustice to both the society and women themselves."

Noting that women are subject to much social harm, he said apart from equal opportunities, women should be provided with the same level of "immunity" as men.