Enhanced Relations Benefit Tehran, Sofia

Enhanced Relations Benefit Tehran, Sofia
Enhanced Relations Benefit Tehran, Sofia

Sofia's ambassador to Tehran and the head of Iran-Bulgaria Parliamentary Friendship Group called for expansion of bilateral ties, stressing that boosting relations is in the interests of the two countries.     

Christo Polendakov and Abbas Moqtadaei made the plea in a Sunday meeting in Tehran, ICANA reported. The Iranian parliamentarian referred to the "positive background" of bilateral relations and welcomed expansion of ties in economic, political and cultural fields.  

He referred to the capabilities of the Islamic Republic in nuclear and aerospace industries and nanotechnology and biotechnology and said the two sides can conduct cooperation in these areas.  

"Parliament, its specialized commissions and especially Iran-Bulgaria Parliamentary Friendship Group are ready to offer assistance to help strengthen wide-ranging ties," Moqtadaei said.   The Bulgarian envoy described Iran as a "significant" and "influential" country in the region and urged greater bilateral relations with the Islamic Republic.  

Polendakov expressed hope that by making the most of available capacities, practical steps would be taken to improve ties, including establishing a joint chamber of commerce, facilitating travelling, developing relations between the two nations and encouraging mutual investments, especially in agriculture and transportation.

The two sides also called for increased exchange of parliamentary delegations with a view to fostering understanding and identifying one another's potential capacities as well as mutual fields of interest.