Terrorism a Global Challenge

Terrorism a Global Challenge Terrorism a Global Challenge

The Algerian ambassador to Tehran said after the September 11 attacks terrorism became a "universal phenomenon" and since then a global understanding has taken shape on the necessity to curb the issue.

Ahriz Abdelmoun'aam made the remarks in a meeting with the secretary of the second international conference to commemorate 17,000 martyrs of terrorism, scheduled to be held in August, ISNA reported on Monday.  

Noting that the North African country has been one of the main victims of terrorism, the envoy explained the roots of terrorist activities in the Arab country in early 1990s.  

He said Algeria immediately launched a cultural and diplomatic campaign against terrorism aimed at making the world aware of the fact that terrorism is not only a problem for Algeria, but for the entire world. "At the time, no one helped us and the United States refused to answer our request (for help).

The secretary of the conference, Mohammad Javad Hasheminejad, said Iran has been the target of terrorist actions after the 1979 Islamic Revolution.  

He noted that in view of their commonalities in relation to being exposed to terrorist attacks, there are good prospects for cooperation between Iran and Algeria in the anti-terror fight.