MPs Back Negotiators’ Approach to P5+1 Talks

MPs Back Negotiators’ Approach to P5+1 TalksMPs Back Negotiators’ Approach to P5+1 Talks

Two hundred and three lawmakers issued a statement on Sunday voicing support for the nuclear negotiators engaged in talks with major powers over Tehran's nuclear program and hailing their resistance against the "avarice of the arrogant powers led by the US."  

"In these final days, nuclear negotiations, with all their ups and downs, are passing through critical moments," said the statement, IRNA reported.  

"Every single unbiased mind today acknowledges the goodwill of the Islamic Republic of Iran indicated by its honest presence in negotiations," the statement read, adding everyone is aware of the evil objectives and repeated excuses of the arrogant powers, especially the US.

Calling US policymakers "unreliable", the statement said the US only gets satisfaction by depriving other nations, including the Islamic Republic, of their rights.  

The lawmakers called for maintaining internal security through increased cooperation among all relevant authorities to help find a way out of the current problems and prevent being exposed to ploys by the hard-bargaining US.  

They said Parliament will try to ensure the right of the nation to receive relief from financial and banking sanctions and will not allow accommodating excessive demands by the major powers such as inspections of military and security centers.

"We will not accept any restrictions on research and development activities, and will not give in to the unusual time framework (for the implementation of a prospective nuclear deal) the US wants to impose."   

   Hard-Working Diplomats

A member of the Majlis National Security and Foreign Policy Commission said the lawmakers trust the nuclear negotiators and support them as long as they are at the negotiation table.  

"The Majlis supports the Iranian (negotiating) team because they have been consistent and hard-working in talks with the P5+1 (the five permanent members of the UN Security Council plus Germany)," ICANA quoted Mansour Haqiqatpour as saying on Sunday.   

The legislator lamented that in the negotiations, the American side has proved they are not committed to their pledges.

By raising excessive demands, the US has complicated the negotiations and has impeded the conclusion of a final settlement, he said.

"Iran has no intention of leaving the negotiating table, and if a party is to do so, it should be the US," Haqiqatpour noted, stressing the Americans are trying to make Iran leave the negotiation table."However, Iran is well aware of its rights and insists on its stance."  

  Onus on US

He also said the international community should know the US will be responsible in case the nuclear talks collapse. Another member of the parliamentary commission reiterated that the US would be to blame for the possible failure of talks.

"In case no accord is reached,  the world's nations will acknowledge that Iran has been looking to solve the issue and has been ready to have any cooperation in this respect," ICANA quoted Mohammad Hassan Asafari as saying.  

Referring to the reported shifts in US positions over the past few days, the parliamentarian said the West wrongly believes there is internal conflict in Iran over the nuclear issue. "They have no idea the Iranian nation and authorities are unanimous on the nuclear issue and want nothing but a lasting agreement."

He said one of the reasons behind the West's excessive demands is their wrong assumption that Iran would sign any agreement to secure the removal of sanctions. "This signifies the West's strategic mistake."

Iran has found ways to counter the unwanted effects of sanctions, he said, warning the western side that once Iran pulls out of the talks, it would not be easy to convince it to come back to the negotiation table.