Gov’t Committed to Pledges

Gov’t Committed to PledgesGov’t Committed to Pledges

President Hassan Rouhani has said the administration will remain committed to the promises he made to the academic community during his election campaign.

Rouhani said, "The administration has so far fulfilled some of its campaign promises to academics," IRNA reported.

The president made the remarks on Tuesday during a symbolic ceremony held at the University of Tehran to mark the new academic year in Iran, which started about two weeks ago when Rouhani was in New York to attend the UN General Assembly.

He said since assuming office in 2013, the government has sought to provide an atmosphere where academics can express their views freely at universities.

"Nevertheless we should not forget that universities should not turn into a center for direct activities of political parties," Rouhani added.

****President Defends Former Science Minister

The president also expressed regret over parliament's vote to dismiss former science minister Reza Faraji-Dana.

"Although it is the parliament's right to impeach a minister, I can't hide my regret that we can no longer enjoy the services of a qualified and knowledgeable minister and person," he pointed out.

In August, Majlis voted for an impeachment motion against Reza Faraji-Dana.

The conservative members of parliament had accused Faraji-Dana of mismanagement especially concerning the case of students expelled from universities.

Rouhani appointed Mohammad Ali Najafi, who himself had failed to obtain the parliament's vote of confidence for the post of education minister, as caretaker science minister.   

Elsewhere, the president highlighted the necessity of interaction with the world both in foreign policy and academic fields.

In addition, he said plans are underway to build an advanced and vast IT Park in Iran in cooperation with another country which he did not name.