Closer Ties With Emerging Economies on Agenda

Closer Ties With Emerging Economies  on AgendaCloser Ties With Emerging Economies  on Agenda

President Hassan Rouhani said Iran is prepared to immediately step up cooperation with "emerging" economies after a deal is reached with the major powers over Tehran's nuclear program.

"With the start of the post-sanctions era, the day after the nuclear deal with the six world powers is put into force, Iran will be ready to broaden cooperation with the world's emerging economic powers to not only acquire more power to address the needs of its large population, but to play an increased role in promoting peace, stability and security in the world," Rouhani said.

He made the remarks on Thursday in an address to the joint summit of BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization in the Russian city of Ufa.

Iran and the P5+1 (the five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council plus Germany) are in the final stretch of negotiations to finalize the comprehensive accord, aimed at lifting international economic sanctions in exchange for Iran accepting temporary constraints on its nuclear work.  

"The era of threat and sanctions is over" and the West has come to realize that the imposition of sanctions has been a "wrong" move, IRNA quoted Rouhani as saying.

  Unstoppable Growth

"The western powers have acknowledged that Iran's scientific development and growth is unstoppable."

He said Iran is keen on "diversifying its economic relations" to get "more actively" involved in international dealings.

Given Iran's "strategic" location where the West and the East meet, its efficient road and rail transport networks and well-equipped and standard airports and ports in both north and south of the country, it can serve as a "unique transit hub" for investment, Rouhani noted.

"Tackling global challenges of the 21st century necessitates adopting multilateralism, respecting international law, making reforms to political and economic organizations and promoting international cooperation."

Referring to terrorism, which is expanding in the world, Rouhani lamented the lack of coordination in the campaign against the "evil phenomenon".

"Regrettably, the lack of a serious involvement and coordination among regional states in the fight against this evil phenomenon has subjected many regional countries to serious crises."

He appealed to other countries to demonstrate greater resolve and closer cooperation to help eradicate extremism and terrorism from the region.

The SCO is a political, military and economic alliance that includes Russia, China, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. Iran has observer status in the organization.

BRICS members are all developing or newly industrialized countries distinguished by their large, fast-growing economies and significant influence on regional and global affairs.