Source: IAEA Meetings on Pending Issues Helpful

Source: IAEA Meetings on Pending Issues Helpful Source: IAEA Meetings on Pending Issues Helpful

The spokesperson for the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran said recent meetings of nuclear officials with a high-ranking delegation from the International Atomic Energy Agency in Tehran have paved the way for the resolution of the outstanding issues.

"Iran and the IAEA reached an understanding, in principle, concerning the areas and the timeframe for cooperation which is an important step on the path to the settlement of the remaining issues," Behrouz Kamalvandi said on Monday. The meetings, meant to continue talks on Iran's past nuclear activities and discuss how to continue cooperation, followed a visit by IAEA General Director Yukiya Amano on July 2, during which met President Hassan Rouhani and some other officials.

"The trip by the delegation to Tehran in a matter of days after Amano's visit signals that there is serious resolve on both sides to effectively boost cooperation," IRNA quoted Kamalvandi as saying.

The P5+1 (the five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council plus Germany), which are in talks with Tehran on its nuclear program, want Iran to grant more access to the IAEA and to answer its questions about previous nuclear work as part of a prospective nuclear deal.

Describing the expert-level sessions held during the visit as "constructive", "explicit" and "progressive", Kamalvandi said, "The achieved understanding, which is completely within the framework of national interest and security considerations and in accordance with the red lines of the establishment, will facilitate technical interactions between Iran and the UN agency."  The agency said in a statement on Tuesday that "further progress" was made in meetings in Tehran but more work will be needed to resolve the outstanding issues.

"Further progress was achieved in Monday's discussions with senior Iranian officials, but more work is still needed. The IAEA and Iran will continue their dialogue," the statement said.