Nuclear Settlement Could Boost Iran's Regional Role

Nuclear Settlement Could Boost Iran's Regional Role  Nuclear Settlement Could Boost Iran's Regional Role

Ambassador to France Ali Ahani said signing a nuclear deal with the major powers could help increase Iran's role in addressing regional crises and in the campaign against terrorism and extremism as two serious threats facing countries in the region and beyond.  

The envoy made the remarks in an interview with Russian Sputnik Radio, Fars news agency reported on Sunday.

Noting that Iran and the six powers known as the P5+1 (the US, Britain, France, Russia, China and Germany) have spent considerable energy and time on reaching a nuclear deal by conducting intensive negotiations over the past two years, he urged caution not to waste the effort.  

Ahani said the agreement would help normalize Iran's relations with the International Atomic Energy Agency, in the sense that the accord will enable Tehran to continue its totally civilian nuclear program and conduct research and development activities under the IAEA's supervision.  

As one of the first countries which signed the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, Iran respects its commitments and pursues civil objectives such as medical applications of nuclear technology, he added.    

"Terminating the illegal sanctions imposed on the Iranian nation will indeed let us expedite the implementation of development plans, which unfortunately have been affected by the sanctions."

Asked about remarks by Iranian officials that the US raises excessive demands in the nuclear talks, Ahani said, "Iran's nuclear case for years is under the pressure of some lobbies especially in the US and has turned into a complicated political case."

However, Iran continues its efforts to solve the issue in talks with the major powers, especially the US, he stressed.   

Underlining the significance of the remaining issues in the nuclear talks, he said over "90 percent of the gaps" in the negotiating positions of the two sides have been bridged, saying there are still issues demanding greater efforts.  

Ahani said the presence of foreign ministers of the six powers in Vienna indicates the importance of reaching a final deal for the international community, a fact which necessitates effective collaboration among the involved parties.