Ex-Diplomat Believes Deal Nearly Done

Ex-Diplomat Believes Deal Nearly DoneEx-Diplomat Believes Deal Nearly Done

A former negotiator believes the nuclear negotiations over Tehran's nuclear program are "95 percent" finalized, with the key issues nearly solved.

Hossein Mousavian made the comment in an interview with Chinese Central Television CCTV, ISNA reported on Sunday.

"The two sides had from the beginning agreed on using the Non-Proliferation Treaty as the basis of talks and now all related issues have been solved within the framework of the NPT," he noted.

Issues such as the future of the heavy water facility in Arak and the uranium enrichment facility in Natanz have been worked out, he said.

Asked about the possibility of the failure of the talks and a consequent military strike against Iran, Mousavian said he believes neither Iran nor the United States will leave the negotiation table, as there is no disagreement on the need to adhere to the NPT.

On the internal pressure exerted by opponents of nuclear talks both in Iran and the US, the former diplomat said once a nuclear accord is reached, the two countries' presidents and foreign ministers will be able to convince the critics.  

He said the opponents in the US will have no objection once they see Iran is committed to the terms of the agreement, including to inspections within the framework of the UN nuclear agency's regulations, and does not seek to produce nuclear weapons.

The opposing factions in Iran will also be satisfied when they see after struggling for 12 years Iranian diplomats have persuaded the major powers that making peaceful use of nuclear energy is the legitimate right of nations and that the sanctions imposed against the country will be lifted under the agreement, he added.