Speaker, Muslim Envoys Discuss Region

Speaker, Muslim Envoys Discuss RegionSpeaker, Muslim Envoys Discuss Region

Majlis Speaker Ali Larijani attended a meeting between Iranian lawmakers and ambassadors of Muslim countries in Tehran on Saturday evening, where he discussed the latest regional developments as well as the status of the ongoing nuclear negotiations.

The speaker expressed regret over the expansion of terrorist activities in Muslim countries, saying by establishing terrorist groups and provoking tensions in Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Palestine, some world powers prevent Muslim countries from saving their energy to deal with the Zionist regime, ICANA reported.  Larijani lamented that Muslim states are preoccupied with their own affairs and barely pay attention to Palestine and the oppression against its people, saying their inattention is in the interest of Israel.  

"Some global powers seem to be pursuing the aim of dislodging Muslim states, (an effort) that can be traced in the internal weakness of Muslim countries, which is being abused by the enemy to achieve its goals," he said.  

He expressed hope that the regional countries that have chosen the wrong policy of supporting terrorists would make up for their mistakes by adopting an appropriate approach in the future, calling on all regional states to confront terrorism.   

Reiterating Iran's firm resolve to combat terrorism and assist other countries in their anti-terror campaign, Larijani said the Islamic Republic believes all countries, whether Muslim or not, need to fight the phenomenon.  

Calling for efforts to resolve conflicts among Muslim nations, the speaker said it has been proved throughout history that divergence among Islamic countries has always benefited "the colonialists."

"In recent years, as the situation in the region has been worsening, we have been witnessing that disagreements have been provoked among Shias and Sunnis," he noted.  

Citing the Founder of the Islamic Republic Ayatollah Seyyed Ruhollah Khomeini who had set promoting unity among Muslim nations as one of the main objectives of the Islamic Revolution, the senior lawmaker said Iran has been one of the pioneering countries in this regard.  

  Positive Direction

Larijani described as "complicated" the ongoing negotiations with the major powers over Tehran's nuclear activities, in view of the numerous dimensions of the talks, but said there are good prospects for reaching a final agreement as the negotiations are moving in a "positive" direction.

He hoped the conclusion of negotiations would positively affect the region and help solve regional conflicts, saying the accord could help guarantee "lasting security" in the Middle East.

Rejecting statements by some US officials who say all options are on the table to deal with Iran, the speaker said the propaganda tactics are for domestic consumption in the US, noting that Tehran regards such comments as "ill-considered" and "unconstructive."