Tehran Key to Building Int'l Anti-Terror Consensus

Tehran Key to Building Int'l Anti-Terror Consensus  Tehran Key to Building Int'l Anti-Terror Consensus

A lawmaker said Tehran can play a key role in forming a global consensus to combat terrorism, given the Islamic Republic's effective diplomacy and also in view of the fact that Iran has always been, religiously and culturally, opposed to terrorism.

Mohammad Reza Tabesh made the remarks in reference to an upcoming conference in Tehran to commemorate 17,000 Iranian martyrs killed in terrorist attacks, ISNA reported on Tuesday.

Noting that the conference can pave the way for mounting a global campaign against terrorism, Tabesh called on organizers of the event to work out the intellectual and educational aspects of an effective anti-terror drive.

The lawmaker, who represents the central city of Ardakan in Parliament, underlined the need to determine all aspects of the campaign, including practical mechanisms and financial instruments needed to counter the growing threat of extremist groups.

Tabesh slammed the West for not including the Islamic Republic in international anti-terror efforts, describing the decision as "politically motivated."

"They know that Iran has always supported the oppressed nations and that it will not yield to their unfair demands, so they think it would be better not to let Iran gain more power through involvement in regional efforts to eliminate the threat of extremists," he noted.

He highlighted the need to identify those states that sponsor terrorist groups and take measures to raise public awareness on the need to root out terrorism across the globe.

Iran has suffered greatly from terrorism, Tabesh said, adding that organizers of the conference should partly focus on exposing regional sponsors of terrorist groups and also their methods and resources to achieve extremist goals.   

"It takes more than just lectures and words for such a conference to be successful in defining the mechanisms and also the scope of regional and international cooperation on countering terrorism," Tabesh said.

"It should end with a binding statement calling for the implementation of what has been agreed during the conference. It should gain the attention and support of terror victims from all over the world."

The reformist lawmaker then pointed to the significant role the media can play to give the public a greater understanding of different aspects of terrorism, asserting that the media should help shed light on the realities of global developments.