Call for Coordinated Anti-Corruption Campaign

Call for Coordinated  Anti-Corruption CampaignCall for Coordinated  Anti-Corruption Campaign

President Hassan Rouhani called for greater coordination among the three branches of government to fight corruption, noting that "improved regulations," "enhanced transparency" and an efficient bureaucratic system can prevent corruption in the first place.     

The president made the remarks in his address to a judicial conference in Tehran on Sunday, IRNA reported.  

Calling for increased transparency in judicial procedures, Rouhani said transparency should not be confined to laws, but it also needs to include judicial procedures. 

Rouhani said sometimes it is observed that a single law can have many different interpretations and a certain judge can make his own presumptions when he delivers a verdict, which he said is why judicial procedures need to be clearly defined and made accessible to the people.  

“(This way) the public can get a perspective of what judges see as lawful,” he noted, adding that making the nation aware of judicial processes helps the judicial system gain public trust.

Rouhani said the judicial system can inject well-being into the society by assuring the people active in various political, economic and social fields. “An effective judicial system is the prerequisite for development, as people rely on the judiciary to realize their rights.”

The president also expressed hope that while he is in office, the cabinet could introduce a bill defining political and security crimes to help avert irregularities in this relation.

Urging the judicial system to be impartial, he said the system needs to avoid differentiating between various ethnic and religious groups and political factions, in a situation when “the world is looking at our judiciary and expectations are high.”