Guardians Council Endorses Bill on Nuclear Deal

Guardians Council Endorses Bill on Nuclear Deal Guardians Council Endorses Bill on Nuclear Deal

A bill requiring the negotiators to safeguard nuclear achievements in negotiations with the major powers over Tehran's nuclear program was endorsed by the Guardians Council on Wednesday to become law.

"(The legislation) was studied in today's session of the Guardians Council and was not assessed as being against Sharia (Islamic law) and the Constitution and a majority of members voted to endorse it," IRNA quoted spokesperson for the council Nejatollah Ebrahimian as saying.

It was overwhelmingly passed by the Majlis on Tuesday.

The text of the bill makes three points binding on the negotiating team to consider in nuclear talks with the P5+1 (the US, Britain, France, Russia and China plus Germany) on a final deal to resolve the dispute over Tehran's nuclear program.

First, it should be stated in the deal that all sanctions must be completely lifted at once on the day the deal comes into force.

Second, the UN nuclear agency would be allowed to monitor nuclear sites only based on its conventional procedures and any access to military and security centers and sensitive non-nuclear facilities and nuclear documents and scientists is prohibited.

Third, Iran would not accept any restriction on its research and development program to enhance its nuclear knowledge and technology meant for peaceful purposes.

Some members of the P5+1 have asked that Tehran allow inspection of its military sites and meetings with nuclear scientists for interview under the prospective deal, a demand vehemently ruled out by Iranian officials.