Rouhani Urges Fair Political Competition

Rouhani Urges Fair  Political Competition Rouhani Urges Fair  Political Competition

President Hassan Rouhani underlined the need for the adoption of proper campaigning tactics by political parties to help create a "fair" atmosphere for competition.

"Activities by political parties should not be focused on eliminating other persuasions because just like monopolization in economy, it is destructive in the world of politics," Rouhani said.     

"Parties should contribute to a healthy competition by trying to present better plans" than their rivals in electoral campaigns, he was quoted by IRNA as saying in a meeting of reformist and principlist activists late on Wednesday.

He noted that political campaigns should be aimed at encouraging a higher electoral turnout, saying, "If political competitions lead to a stronger turnout and political vitality, it will be a source of pride and honor for all of us."

Rouhani appealed for greater unity among different political groups to help preserve national interests, saying, "Today, the country is in a special situation. We should maintain solidarity and be careful to act in the national interest."

He underscored the necessity of improving international interaction as a key element to increasing the country's power.

"A way to establish and enhance national power is using dialogue to settle our political differences with the world," Rouhani said, noting, "The ability to interact is among the major components of national power."

He cited the dispute over Tehran's nuclear program as a major example of a political issue which the government has been trying to settle through "talks and interaction" with the major powers.  

Echoing the recent remarks by Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei, Rouhani said, "We favor serious negotiations and seek a fair and just agreement."

Iran will not allow any "delay" or "rush" in the talks to harm its interests, he added.