Leader Reemphasizes Nuclear Redlines

Leader Reemphasizes Nuclear Redlines
Leader Reemphasizes Nuclear Redlines

Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei reiterated Iran's redlines in talks with the major powers on Tehran's nuclear program.

He said under any final nuclear deal, Iran would not accept long-term constraints on its nuclear work and a halt on its nuclear research and development.

The Leader stressed that financial and economic sanctions must be lifted as soon as the deal is signed, repeating Tehran's refusal to allow any extraordinary inspection of facilities and interviews with nuclear scientists.

"Despite the Americans' insistence, we will not accede to the demand for long-term restrictions of 10-12 years and we have conveyed to them for how many years we will accept to remain under restriction" Ayatollah Khamenei said.

He made the remarks in a meeting with heads of the three branches of government and other senior officials in Tehran on Tuesday.

He rejected the demand by the other side for a freeze on the research and development program under the prospective accord, saying, "They want us to completely halt work for 12 years, which is another unfair demand," IRNA reported.

Referring to sanctions on various sectors, the Leader noted, "Economic, financial and banking sanctions imposed by whether the UN Security Council, the US Congress or the US administration must be removed immediately when the (final) agreement is signed, with other sanctions being lifted at reasonable intervals."

  Absolutely Unacceptable

Ayatollah Khamenei stressed, "The removal of sanctions must not be tied to (the verification that) Iran has completed the implementation of its commitments."

"(They say) after you have carried out your commitments (the International Atomic Energy) Agency gives the green light for lifting the sanctions, which is absolutely unacceptable to us."

"Sanctions must be lifted concurrently with Iran's (action) to implement its commitments."

The Leader restated his strong opposition to provision of any access for "unconventional inspections, the questioning of Iranian (nuclear) personalities and the inspection of military centers."

He renewed his support for the negotiators, hailing them as brave and trustworthy.

"The negotiating team is striving with determination and great care against the numerous negotiators of the other side to settle the issue and help advance the country's interests."

"They are, indeed, asserting and following Iran's stance valiantly", Ayatollah Khamenei said, adding, "This would be acknowledged by anyone who becomes aware of the details of negotiations."

  Fair Approach

He referred to domestic critics of the accord, recommending that they adopt a fairer approach to the performance of the negotiating team.

"I do not oppose criticism and regard it as necessary and helpful, but I know for a fact that criticizing someone's action is far easier than actually carrying it out."

It should be taken into consideration that the negotiating team is well aware of the aspects of its job that have come under criticism, but it has made some decisions out of necessity, the Leader pointed out.   

Everyone in the country is expecting a "good" and "fair" deal which protects national interests and honor, he said.

"In Iran, everyone, including me, the government, the Majlis, the judiciary, security and intelligence bodies and all other organizations want a good deal, namely one that is honorable, fair and in Iran's best interest."

By making excessive demands, the United States has reneged on the pledges it made when it was requesting Iran to agree to enter into nuclear negotiations with the West, he said.

"The Americans are seeking to destroy our nuclear industry to deprive Iranians of its abundant benefits," the Leader said.  "They intend to continue pressuring Iran and keep sanctions in place."