MoU With Syria on Fighting Terror

MoU With Syria on Fighting Terror
MoU With Syria on Fighting Terror

Interior Minister Abdolreza Rahmani Fazli said he signed a memorandum of understanding with his Syrian counterpart on fighting terrorism.  

Rahmani Fazli made the announcement at a joint press conference with Mohammad Ibrahim al-Shaar in Tehran on Monday, ISNA reported.  

Rahmani Fazli said in his earlier meeting with the Syrian minister, the two sides agreed to expand cooperation in the fields of security and counter-terrorism and the campaign against drug and human trafficking.   

The senior official said a trilateral security meeting will be held in Bagdad in the near future with the participation of Iran, Syria and Iraq.

The three countries, as the leading states in the fight against terrorism, violence and extremism, need to increase cooperation, he noted, expressing hope that the meeting would set the stage for the engagement of other Muslim and regional countries in the anti-terror campaign.  

 The minister said the agreement is mainly focused on the so-called Islamic State terrorist group, which is damaging the image of Islam and has imperiled the stability and solidarity of Muslim countries with the support from Israel and the West.  

He called on Muslim countries, particularly those forming the resistance axis (including Lebanon, Syria and Palestine), to maintain unity in combating the dangerous phenomenon of terrorism.  

The Syrian minister said his country is the front line of the campaign against terrorism and the Zionist regime, noting that certain Arab states are supplying the terrorist groups operating in Syria with arms with a view to undermining the resistance of the Syrian nation.

Shaar said Tehran and Damascus are well aware of the dangerous nature of terrorism and have made arrangements to deal with the issue, adding that Syria is also looking for expansion of ties with other allies in this regard.  

Expressing hope that the agreement would pave the way for sharing experience with the Islamic Republic on security issues, he said challenges such as illegal entries and organized crime are covered in the MoU.  

In addition, the Syrian official underlined the significance of holding three-way talks to address terrorism, especially in a situation where IS terrorists are active in the two Arab countries.