Swedish Ambassador in Lorestan

Swedish Ambassador in LorestanSwedish Ambassador in Lorestan

Sweden’s Ambassador to Iran, Peter Tejler says the volume of bilateral trade has grown considerably over the past years despite the presence of western sanctions (imposed on Iran over its nuclear energy program).

The Swedish envoy made the remarks as part of his visit to the western province of Lorestan on Sunday, where he met with the provincial governor, Hooshang Bazvand, Mehr News Agency reported. The diplomat’s visit was reportedly aimed at identifying the opportunities in the province for investment by Sweden’s private companies.

 “I will convey the outcome of my visit to Sweden’s private sector and hope that it helps pave the way for investments in the province,” he said.

According to Tejler, food products comprise the majority of Iran’s exports to Sweden. Saffron, fruit juice, carpet and light industrial products are among the main commodities Iran exports to Sweden.  

Export of services represents the majority of Sweden’s exports as the country is a popular tourist destination, said Tejler.