US Terror Rhetoric Rejected

US Terror Rhetoric Rejected
US Terror Rhetoric Rejected

The Foreign Ministry rejected as “repetitive” the allegations leveled at Iran in the annual global terrorism report of the US State Department which claims that Tehran has been conducting terrorist-related activities.

“Adopting a politically motivated approach to the evil and anti-human phenomenon of terrorism and applying a double-standard policy is among the root causes of this complicated and growing problem,” the ministry spokesperson said.

Marzieh Afkham was quoted by IRNA as saying on Saturday, “Over the past year, people in various parts of the world have suffered great harm from terrorism and its backers as well as the indifference of countries which claim” to be advocates of human rights.

She said such reports are deemed totally “invalid” as they fail to present a true picture of the realities on the ground.

“The presence and free movement of terrorists in the United States and other countries that support terrorism, lack of serious and decisive action against terrorist and extremist groups (by such countries) and ignoring Zionist crimes against the Palestinians have posed a serious challenge to the US claim of engagement in the campaign against terrorism and have rendered such reports completely invalid.”

“Iran is the biggest victim of terrorism over the past three decades, so making accusations against a country which regards combating terrorism, extremism and violence the top priority in its international interaction is a diversionary (tactic).”

“Releasing such reports is in contradiction to current realities,” Afkham added.