Need for Majlis Approval

Need for Majlis ApprovalNeed for Majlis Approval

A member of the Majlis National Security and Foreign Policy Commission told ISNA on Sunday a potential nuclear deal between Iran and the major powers has to be submitted to parliament for review and approval.

According to the Constitution, “the agreement should be presented to the Majlis so it can… ascertain that the agreement does not contravene the Constitution,” Mohammad Hassan Asafari said.  

He stressed, “The Majlis will keep monitoring (nuclear) talks until the end and will not step back.”

In addition, the lawmaker said, “The other side’s excessive demands have prolonged the process of negotiations. Every day they present new options and seek more concessions.”

In such a situation, the negotiating team is obliged to make every effort to safeguard national interests no matter what the outcome of the talks will be.