Senator’s Take on Possible Concessions

Senator’s Take on Possible ConcessionsSenator’s Take on Possible Concessions

US Senator Bob Corker, chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, on Friday responded to reports that the Obama administration is prepared to accept concessions regarding Iran’s alleged attempts in the past to develop a nuclear weapon, including permitting sanctions relief before the UN nuclear agency’s questions about the allegation is fully resolved.  “Last year, the administration assured our committee that the questions and concerns regarding Iran’s previous weaponization efforts would be resolved before a final agreement is reached and any sanctions relieved,” said Corker, according to the website of the committee.

“Secretary (John) Kerry’s comments this week (that we’re not fixated on Iran specifically accounting for what they did at one point in time or another)… have raised further doubts about the administration holding firm on demands that Iran come clean about past military aspects of its nuclear program.”

Tehran maintains it has never pursued military objectives in its nuclear program.