Bill on Nuclear Accord Modified

Bill on Nuclear Accord ModifiedBill on Nuclear Accord Modified

A bill requiring the negotiators to preserve the nuclear rights and achievements underwent some modifications to be better aligned with national security considerations and international regulations.

The motion is expected to be brought to the floor of the Majlis today, IRNA reported on Saturday.

The text of the bill makes three points binding on the negotiating team to consider in nuclear talks with the major powers.

First, as part of a prospective nuclear deal, all sanctions imposed by the United Nations Security Council, the European Union and the US Congress and administration must be completely lifted at once on the day the deal is concluded.

Second, based on the decision of the Supreme National Security Council, the International Atomic Energy Agency would be allowed to conduct monitoring of nuclear sites only based on its conventional procedures and any access to military and security centers and sensitive non-nuclear facilities and to nuclear documents and scientists is forbidden.

Third, Iran would not accept any restriction on its research and development program to enhance its nuclear knowledge and technology meant for peaceful purposes and the relevant decisions of the SNSC must be abided by.

Some major powers that are in talks with Iran over its nuclear program have asked that Tehran allow inspection of its military sites and meetings with nuclear scientists for interview under the nuclear deal, a demand vehemently ruled out by Iranian officials.