Sheikh Salman’s Sentence Denounced

Sheikh Salman’s Sentence DenouncedSheikh Salman’s Sentence Denounced

Foreign Ministry spokesperson Marzieh Afkham denounced a recent court ruling against Bahraini opposition leader Sheikh Ali Salman, reaffirming Iran’s demand for his release.

It is expected that the groups which have presented their demands in a completely peaceful manner be treated fairly, rationally and appropriately, Afkham said in a statement on Tuesday, Press TV reported.

“Engaging in dialogue and heeding the demands of moderate figures and groups will definitely guarantee security and peace (in Bahrain).”

Earlier in the day, a court in Bahrain sentenced Sheikh Salman, head of Bahrain’s main opposition bloc, al-Wefaq National Islamic Society, to four years in prison after convicting him on charges including collusion with foreign governments and instigating unrest. He was acquitted on seeking regime change charges.