Deal Possible By Deadline

Deal Possible By DeadlineDeal Possible By Deadline

A comprehensive deal on Iran’s nuclear program may be reached by the end of this month, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said on Monday. “It is quite possible to make it by June 30, there is nothing unconquerable in these negotiations (between Iran and the major powers) now,” Ryabkov told journalists, Sputnik reported.  “I categorically want to put an end to such talks (about the extension of talks) because if we do not focus on the result now, we will reduce the chances of a positive outcome.”  In addition, he highlighted the importance of making “necessary positive decisions” in the coming days before the deadline. “We call on all our colleagues in negotiations to approach the current situation with utmost responsibility, given that June 30 is a feasible deadline, and there is nothing insurmountable about it,” Ryabkov said.