Intelligence Chief: Security Prevails at Borders

Intelligence Chief: Security Prevails at BordersIntelligence Chief: Security Prevails at Borders

The intelligence minister said thanks to the acumen of defense forces, police and the military, borders are completely secure.   

"Any action against security of borders will be strongly and wisely dealt with by security forces in the shortest time," Mahmoud Alavi said in his address to a gathering of senior clerics in Yazd on Saturday, IRNA reported.  

Referring to the possible threat posed by the so-called Islamic State terrorist group to western borders, Alavi said, "The situation in Iraq, including the activities of the IS and the chaos in various parts of the Arab country, has developed in a way that could affect borders."  

However, he assured that due to the "synergy" between intelligence and security forces, police and the military, security prevails at borders as well as all over the country.  

"Iranian border guards are carefully watching frontiers, stopping terrorists from achieving their dream of provoking insecurity in the Islamic Republic."

In addition, the minister warned of the threats to moral and ethical values in the society, saying insecurity does not remain confined to borders, but it can damage beliefs and thoughts of the youth.       

He advised religious missionaries to take advantage of the "invaluable conditions" presented by the Islamic Revolution with a view to saving the youth from ideological traps set by the enemies.

Commenting on the nuclear negotiations between Iran and the major powers on a final settlement to the long-running dispute over Tehran's nuclear program, Alavi underlined Leader of the Islamic Revolution Seyyed Ali Khamenei's support for the negotiators, particularly the head of the negotiating team, Mohammad Javad Zarif.