No Change in US Position

No Change in US Position  No Change in US Position

A State Department official said the US policy on the nuclear talks with Iran has not changed.

Director of Press Office Jeff Rathke made the remarks in a press briefing on Friday, according to the website of the State Department.  Asked to comment on the reports that have come out about concessions that the major powers appear to be making to Iran in terms of both sanctions relief and the issue of possible military dimensions of Tehran’s nuclear program, he said, “I think our position on this hasn’t changed. We’ve always made clear to the Iranians that they will have to reach agreement with the IAEA (the UN nuclear agency) on providing the necessary access to address the concerns about… their program; and without that agreement, we will not be able to move forward with sanctions relief.” Iran denies its nuclear activities may have any military objectives, saying the work is totally for peaceful purposes.