NAM: Diplomacy Key to Settling Nuclear Issue

NAM: Diplomacy Key to Settling Nuclear IssueNAM: Diplomacy Key to Settling Nuclear Issue

The Non-Aligned Movement in a statement on Thursday underlined diplomacy as the only way to find a lasting solution to Iran's nuclear dispute.

In the statement, read at a session of the 35-nation board of governors of the International Atomic Energy Agency, the NAM hailed the practical measures Iran has implemented under a framework for cooperation it signed with the IAEA in 2013, saying that NAM member states have been eagerly pursuing the "constructive consultations" between Iran and the agency in their recent meetings in Tehran, IRNA reported.

The statement stressed that "decisions" and "choices" by any country, including Iran, about peaceful uses of nuclear technology and Tehran's policy to develop a nuclear fuel cycle should be respected.

NAM reaffirmed the civilian nature of Iran's nuclear program, warning that any attack on the country's nuclear facilities, whether in operation or under construction, or any threat to do so would place the environment and human beings in jeopardy, and is in serious violation of international law, the principles and goals of the UN Charter as well as IAEA regulations.