Tehran's Role Central to Solving Syria Crisis

Tehran's Role Central to Solving Syria CrisisTehran's Role Central to Solving Syria Crisis

A senior German diplomat highlighted the central role the Islamic Republic can play in helping solve the crisis in Syria, saying there would be no way for the Arab country out of the current situation without Iran's engagement in the peace process.

Miguel Berger, German foreign ministry's director general for the Middle East and the Maghreb made the remark in his address to a Berlin conference on Syria, IRNA reported on Saturday.

"It is unlikely that any solution to the Syrian conflict can be achieved without Iran's involvement," he said, adding that it is the reason why Germany welcomes Iran's participation in a planned conference on Syria in Geneva.   

Geneva Conferences on Syria are United Nations-backed international peace talks with the aim of ending the civil war in the Arab country by bringing together the Syrian government and opposition to discuss steps toward a transitional government with full executive powers. The second Geneva conference took place in January 2014 in Switzerland.

Berger also expressed optimism about the outcome of the ongoing Iran nuclear negotiations, noting that an accord could pave the way for resolving disputes in other Middle East states.  

"We hope a nuclear agreement with Tehran would inspire dynamism in the region associated with a positive influence," he said. Berger described a nuclear deal with Iran as a "fundamental political success in the region" for the first time in over ten years.    

He said such a settlement combined with a thaw between Tehran and Riyadh could prepare the ground for addressing regional conflicts through working out joint solutions.            

He added that Iran and the six major powers (the US, Russia, China, Britain, France and Germany) are "not so far apart" in their negotiating positions that they cannot reach a long-term agreement.