Coop. With IAEA Inquiry Confirmed

Coop. With IAEA Inquiry ConfirmedCoop. With IAEA Inquiry Confirmed

Iran has provided some information about one of two open items in a UN nuclear watchdog investigation into its past nuclear activities, the International Atomic Energy Agency reported on Friday.

The confidential IAEA report, obtained by Reuters, said Tehran had “shared some information in relation to one of these measures. The Agency and Iran agreed to continue the dialogue on these practical measures and to meet again in the near future.”

The latest quarterly IAEA report on Iran was issued to the UN agency’s member states with Iran seeking to nail down final terms of an accord with six world powers which would place constraints on its nuclear activities for specified durations in exchange for relief from sanctions.

The seven countries have set themselves a deadline of June 30. The Vienna-based IAEA also said it remained vital that Iran provide answers to the agency’s questions on and access to the Parchin military base, where western officials claim Tehran might have conducted explosives tests relevant to nuclear bombs.

The Islamic Republic denies this and has maintained that it is enriching uranium only for electricity and medical isotopes rather than to develop a nuclear bomb capability in secret.

“The (IAEA) remains ready to accelerate the resolution of all outstanding issues under the Framework for Cooperation. This can be realized by increased cooperation by Iran and by the timely provision of access to all relevant information, documentation, sites, material and personnel in Iran as requested by the agency,” the report said.