Axis of Resistance Will Counter 'Evil' Plots

Axis of Resistance Will Counter 'Evil' PlotsAxis of Resistance Will Counter 'Evil' Plots

The advisor to the Leader on international affairs said Iran in alliance with Syria, Lebanon, Yemen and Iraq will confront and foil the plots by the West and its regional allies which helped create terrorist groups in the region to advance their interests.

"Daesh (the Arabic acronym for the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant) was established by some enemies and foreigners in line with their evil goals," Ali Akbar Velayati said, adding, "Definitely, such measures will bring them nothing but defeat."

Velayati, who was speaking at the Chinese Foreign Ministry's Center for International Studies on Tuesday, said, "Some western countries, including the United States, played a direct role in the formation of such (terrorist) groups, a fact which has been explicitly acknowledged in (former US secretary of state) Hillary Clinton's book of memoirs," adding, "(According to the book), some regional countries were also directly involved."

"Ironically, the pro-terrorism countries which are the founders of such groups now claim to have formed an anti-Daesh coalition to help eradicate it," IRNA quoted him as saying.

"The axis of resistance comprised of Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen and Iraq will confront such crimes and conspiracies to prevent the enemy reaching its goals."

Velayati pointed to the threats and problems posed to Iran by these terrorist groups over the past years, stressing, "The Islamic Republic has not allowed them to fulfill their evil dreams and has foiled their plots so far."

Elsewhere, pointing to the crisis raging in Yemen, he said, "It is deplorable to see that the Yemeni people are unfairly suffering such oppression only because they demand independence and freedom."

"They are being targeted by bombs and bullets of foreign forces, while being deprived of the humanitarian aid Iran and some other countries try to dispatch" to the war-ravaged country.

He highlighted the friendly and long-lasting relations between Tehran and Beijing, noting that expansion of bilateral ties, which has always been stressed by both sides, will benefit not only the two countries but also all other countries in the region.