Standing Up to Bullying

Standing Up to BullyingStanding Up to Bullying

Secretary of the Supreme National Security Council Ali Shamkhani stressed on Monday while Iran is determined to continue the negotiations with the major powers on a final deal to resolve the long-running dispute over its nuclear program, it will not give in to “excessive demands and bullying.”    He noted that the establishment’s red lines have to be observed, emphasizing that no procedure outside the framework of international regulations and no access to sites beyond the Additional Protocol are acceptable, IRNA reported.  “Iran’s cooperation with the (International Atomic Energy) Agency will be on nuclear facilities based on normal procedures.” Chairman of the General Staff of the Armed Forces Major General Hassan Firouzabadi also said on the same day that in view of the fact that “the children of the diplomatic apparatus” are faced with “an intransigent enemy”, it is more essential than ever before that the Leader’s guidelines be followed and that state organizations and departments provide effective assistance to the negotiating team.