Plan for Electronic Voting in Large Cities

Plan for Electronic Voting in Large CitiesPlan for Electronic Voting in Large Cities

The interior minister said his department is planning to equip major constituencies for the next parliamentary election with digital voting technology.

"The ministry has requested the government to allocate a budget of $106 million to the plan to hold all-electronic elections," Abdolreza Rahmani Fazli said, adding that if the government cannot afford the amount, the ministry will try to provide the electronic voting service to as many major cities as possible.

He referred to registration requirements for the next parliamentary election scheduled for early 2016, saying, "According to the law, the government officials who decide to run for the Majlis election are obliged to resign their posts by June 18."

Elsewhere, Rahmani Fazli underlined the necessity of strengthening security at borders, particularly along the frontier with the crisis-hit neighboring Iraq, saying, "We have full control over our borders and no security incident (related to the conflict in Iraq) has occurred at our border areas."

Islamic State militants have recently captured major cities in Iraq and Syria, defeating regular forces in both countries.

"As we announced before, if such terrorist and takfiri groups cross into the area within 40 kilometers from our border (with Iraq), we will take the necessary actions to confront them."

A takfiri is a Muslim who accuses followers of other faiths and some Islamic sects of being unbelievers.

"The presence of foreign forces, including the Americans, has failed to halt IS advances because outsiders have always been seeking to advance their own interests," Rahmani Fazli said, calling for closer cooperation among regional countries to help eradicate terrorist groups.