Unanimity on Nuclear Talks

Unanimity on Nuclear Talks Unanimity on Nuclear Talks

A deputy parliament speaker says there is consensus and unanimity among political factions regarding the nuclear talks between Iran and the world powers, rejecting any internal discord on the  issue, IRNA reported. Addressing a meeting of the Islamic Association of Engineers at the weekend, Mohammad Reza Bahonar underlined the harmony among the 290-member parliament, the government, the judiciary, the Expediency Council, and other state bodies. He cautioned adversaries that all key institutions of state and government "support one another in a unified manner."

Pointing to the excessive demands by the West during the ongoing nuclear negotiations, the MP said, "The West, in particular the United States, increasingly seem to renege on their promises." Bahonar censured the US for wanting to "meet" Iranian nuclear scientists, which he said has no other interpretation but "investigation."  Iran will never give in to such demands by foreign powers, he was quoted as saying.

The senior lawmaker, however, denied rumors that Iran may leave the negotiation table if the big powers continue to make unacceptable and irresponsible demands. He added that there is enough  resolve and determination  on the part of the Iranian negotiators and relevant authorities to observe the "redlines" during the lengthy and drawn-out talks to wrap up Iran's nuclear file and end the crippling economic sanctions.

Underlining the trust of the government and the people in the negotiators led by Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, he urged them to exercise caution.  "We are following a win-win policy unless of course the other party aims to change the course of the negotiations," he said. Commenting on the economic situation, the MP said the government is facing difficulties in trying to extricate the country from the recession.

He called on the government to put in place an efficient economic plan of action for the post-sanctions era.