Need to Put Quran Teachings Into Practice   

Need to Put Quran  Teachings Into Practice      Need to Put Quran  Teachings Into Practice      

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution expressed hope that Muslim governments will try to acquaint themselves with the practical instructions of the Holy Quran to implement them rather than following them merely in words.

Lamenting the numerous problems plaguing the Muslim world, Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei said the remedy for such problems is "surrendering to Quran's instructions, refusing to succumb to what the modern ignorance is trying to impose and resisting the bullying of this ignorance."

He made the remarks in a meeting with participants at the 32nd International Holy Quran Competitions in Tehran on Saturday, IRNA reported.

He cautioned against the enemy's plots to create division among Muslims, noting, "Fomenting strife and creating rifts within the Islamic Ummah are among the primary plans of the enemies. So everyone should remain vigilant to avoid acting in support of such divisive plots."

Otherwise, they would be serving as "a campaigner on behalf of the enemies of Islam and Quran."

The attempts by ill-wishers of the Islamic Ummah to provoke division between Shiites and Sunnis, Arabs and non-Arabs and among different ethnic groups can be foiled with "insight" and "determination", the Leader stressed. "When determination is accompanied by insight, the path of resistance against pressure and conspiracies will be eased," and this is what is called "the divine help."

He said the phenomenon of "the Islamic Awakening" emerged as a result of a revived "inclination" in Muslim societies toward Islam and Quran. "The Islamic Awakening is a reality that will never cease to exist and its influence will grow every day."