Israel Unable to Pose Military Challenge

Israel Unable to Pose Military ChallengeIsrael Unable to Pose Military Challenge

The senior military adviser to the Leader of the Islamic Revolution said Israel is incapable of challenging Iran militarily, warning that any aggression against Iran will receive a "crushing" response.

"The Zionists cannot pose any military challenge to us," Major General Yahya Rahim Safavi was quoted by IRNA as saying, adding, "Iran is so powerful that any aggression will face a mind-boggling, crushing response."

He made the comments in a televised program broadcast live on state TV on Thursday.

The official noted that there are currently over 80,000 missiles deployed in Lebanon by Hezbollah, ready to target and hit Israeli soil.

Predicting that the US will ultimately be forced to withdraw its forces from the region, Rahim Safavi said Iran is observing activities of outsiders in Iraq and Syria.

"We are monitoring any movement by US submarines."

Commenting on ways to effectively combat terrorism in the region, Rahim Safavi highlighted the need to address the "roots" of terrorism and insecurity, calling for a collective effort involving both regional governments and nations to create "synergy" to help eradicate terrorist groups.

Terrorist groups are engaged in "proxy wars" aimed at disintegrating the countries in the region, Rahim Safavi said, adding, "Such proxy wars in the region are being fight on behalf of the United States."

He underlined the necessity for the formation of a regional alliance among regional governments, adding that such an alliance should lead to a pact on regional security and defense which will ensure the pull-out of foreign troops from the region.