Striving to Dispel Iranophobia

Striving to Dispel IranophobiaStriving to Dispel Iranophobia

President Hassan Rouhani said the Islamic Republic has reached a critical point in its efforts to improve its international relations and is about to defeat the project of promoting Iranophobia.  

"The nation, the government and the Leader of the Islamic Revolution, through concerted efforts, will present the real image of the Iranians to the world," noted the president in a public address in Tabriz, East Azarbaijan Province, during a provincial trip on Wednesday, IRNA reported.  

Hailing endeavors by the nuclear negotiators to preserve the nation's dignity in the nuclear talks with the major powers, he assured the public that the negotiations will bring glory to Iranian citizens.  

  Single Voice

Stressing unanimity among the nation and the government, he said, "We have a single voice that calls for peaceful nuclear activities as well as peace and stability associated with economic progress."   

"We need vitality in the society and I don't suppose anybody in the country would be happy of other peoples' sadness, as we all are following the same path," he noted, saying the nation's concern is to gain victory in the nuclear talks and to help get the country out of recession it has been suffering for several years.     

Rouhani said the youth need to be aware that authorities care about providing them with "peace, growth and descent jobs in an effort to help maintain the country's competitiveness in the world as it moves toward reaching development targets in economic, cultural and social sectors."  

Outlining some of the main achievements of his administration since he took office in August 2013, Rouhani said the government has managed to maintain stability in the economic sector despite the plunge in oil prices.

"Despite problems like sanctions, the drop in oil prices and the past problems remaining to be solved, we managed to bring nine millions of the population under the cover of insurance," he noted.  

Elsewhere, Rouhani pointed to the recent developments in regional countries, including Palestine, Iraq, Yemen, Syria, Afghanistan and Pakistan, and said Iran's stable and secure conditions are promising for regional nations.